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Garden Lighting Designs & Landscape Lighting Designs

Opportunities for the Landscape Garden Lighting Designer; All Weather Lighting offers designers an opportunity to paint with light. An impressive commercial center or private residence that is admired by day can be transformed into a multidimensional showplace at night. Illuminated waterfalls, ponds, terraced gardens and dramatic trees—the professional can create an evening wonderland of beauty. All Weather Lighting offers an extensive selection of garden lighting fixtures and styles for landscape lighting & garden lighting.

  • Landscape garden lighting enhances a property’s value and pride of ownership.
  • Outdoor lighting creates a new drama and beauty in a garden year-round.
  • Garden lighting increases safety and reduces risk around walkways, decks, pools, spas, and other landscape features.
  • Landscape lighting design also provides greater home security by deterring burglary, vandalism and other crime.
  • Up and Accent Lights.
  • Floodlights.
  • Path and Spread Lights.
  • In-Ground and Well Lights.
  • Underwater and Specialty Lights.
  • Step and Brick Lights.
  • Bollards, Beacons, and More.

By bringing its considerable experience to any project, All Weather Lighting has built a reputation for realising the very best results by working closely with landscape lighting architects, engineers, garden lighting consultants, designers and their clients. We work with many international clients on a landscape lighting design and or supply basis and find our knowledge being more and more sought after as people start to recognise the importance of high quality garden lighting schemes as part of their every day life. Please send your plans & sketches to us for our detailed appraisal.

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We are able to offer a full range of garden lighting services from initial landscape lighting design advice through to a full installation service, through our team of approved electrical contractors. We also offer a full garden lighting design service to plans or sketches.

Night time demonstrations are available, where many fittings can be seen working in your very own garden !!! This service does carry a small charge.

All Weather Lighting pioneered the night time demonstration program. Our garden lighting consultants will show you how a complete lighting system will look with your home and landscaping. This way, you can “see before you decide.”

If you have any other questions regarding any of our products or services please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Click here for more information on the many different landscape & garden lighting techniques