• Allows control of lighting using Apple or Android Devices
  • Easy to install


The Light Symphony iPort provides a simple link between the iSymphony app on your smart phone, tablet or computer and your garden lights. Search the app store for the free ‘iSymphony’ download and try it today. The Android version can be downloaded here, the iPhone and iPad version can be found in iTunes or the Apple app store.

The iPort plugs in to a spare port on your existing WiFi router. It configures itself automatically for home use, so requires no knowledge of networking or other complex configuration.

It receives commands from the app, which it wirelessly relays to any number of lighting controllers (receivers) with a line of sight range of 1km.

 With extra (manual) configuration of your router the iPort can enable control from outside your home via the phone network or internet, from anywhere in the world!

A free desk-top app is also available here, which provides control from your PC or MAC computer or lap top.

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iPort: £118.80

Including VAT