Single-Channel Lighting Controller


  • Tiny IP68 ABS enclosure
  • Compatible with all lighting types including LED's and pumps
  • Rated 350W Switched or Dimmable
  • Operates wirelessly (requires only a mains supply)
  • Fast, simple programming


This tiny wireless lighting controller can be used on its own or together with other Light Symphony lighting controllers as part of a lighting group.

It's suitable for all lighting and pump types up to 350W and quickly configurable as a switch or dimmer. It can be configured as a group (zone) or scene controller, with 29 memories and a master on/off.

The dimming mode provides a soft-on, soft-off feature with filament pre-heating, to greatly increase lamp life.

The resin filled module includes a magnetic slide switch for mode selection, maintaining IP68 water-proofing. Its double-insulated design and long range (1Km) make it a simple but versatile unit.


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Single Channel: £106.80

Including VAT