Dimmable LED Drivers


Dimmable LED drivers compatible with Light Symphony Lighting Control Modules.

Drivers supplied with mounting bracket and screws.

Driver Options

For use with Standard Lighting Control Modules:

Constant Voltage 12V, 19.2W (1600mA)
Part No. LS301219VLED

Constant Voltage 24V, 19.2W (800mA)
Part No. LS302419VLED

Constant Current 350mA, 13.5W (48V)
Part No. LS303513CLED

Constant Current 700mA, 18W (24V)
Part No. LS307018CLED


For use with RGB Lighting Control Modules:

Constant Current RGB 350mA (50W)
Part No. LS303550RGB

Constant Voltage RGB 12V (45W)
Part No. LS301245RGB

Constant Voltage RGB 24V (55W)
Part No. LS302455RGB

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