Light Symphony

From ten lights to ten acres, Light Symphony provides flexible & cost saving wireless control

Enjoy the benefits of complete control over your garden lighting with Light Symphony.

Combine lighting of any type and from any manufacturer into a single, versatile, energy efficient solution that perfectly compliments your garden design.

Remote Control
iSymphony - iPhone
Picture Touch Panel
Base Station
Wireless Switch
PIR Motion Sensor
Lighting Control Module
1 Zone Starter Kit
Dimmable LED Drivers
Driveway Beam Sensor
Flush Mount Wall Box
Gate Interface and Repeater
Ground Spike Kit
iPhone Starter Kit
Keyfob Controller
Single Channel Controller
2 Zone Starter Kit #1
2 Zone Starter Kit #2
4 Zone Starter Kit
Download PDF Brochure (7mb)
Video Demonstrations
Download PDF Brochure