Inground IG1-11gm 12 volt

IG1-11gm 12v

Inground 1-11gm # IG1-11gm -12volt

The Hunza® Inground 1-11gm 12v has a fully adjustable gimble comes complete with a hex cell louvre and space to mount coloured or lineal spread lenses. Having no protruding parts, it is ideal for driveway lighting, path lighting, uplighting bushes and small tress. Alternatively, it could also be used in hotels or building foyers.

Designed so the lamp can be directed up to 45 degrees, without the need to remove the fitting from the canister, and having a the three vandal-resistant Allen-head screw fixing system that attach the flange to the body of the luminaire, this is a invaluable luminaire for any exterior lighting project.

This low voltage luminaire is suitable for use with a 50 watt MR16 lamp it is supplied with a high quality 20 watt European lamp.

Solidly constructed from a cast aluminium UV stable powder coated body, with a 10mm thick ‘Flush Fit’ tempered glass lens and silicon gasket and either a solid bronze or 316 stainless steel flange.

This luminaire can be safely driven over (10km max) or walked upon without fear of damage.

Lifetime Warranty on Lens Breakage.

Accessories CJK150 – Cable Joint Kit (available in single kits or packs of 5)
LENS/IGSTEP – Frosted Lens.

Power Supply Hunza® Buriable IG20 safety isolating transformer (single installation), multi installation with any of the Light Ideas transformer range or Hunza® IG safety isolating transformers, alternatively the Hunza® Wall Mount series WMl00 – WM3OO Double Insulated Safety Isolating Transformers.


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IG1-11/gm 12
Bronze: £361.20
Stainless Steel: £438.60

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