Floor Light

Path Light

Stainless Steel Floor light # FL - IP68

The Floor Lite has an 88mm flange which has an extremely low profile (3mm) and can be walked upon without damaging the luminaire.

There are five flange designs:
A) Clover #CL - B) Grill #GR – C) Louvre #LU (45 degree angle)
D) Spot #SP - E) Cross #CR

The luminaire is held into the aluminium mounting canister by two 'O' rings that allows the luminaire to be removed for lamp replacement, hence there are no mounting screws in the flange to spoil the aesthetics of the luminaire.

The Floor Lite is machined from 9mm thick 316 stainless steel and has a tempered glass lens with high temperature silicon gaskets. This luminaire is complete with an aluminium mounting canister, and is supplied with a 20 watt lamp to avoid undue heat generated by the lamp.

A 5 watt self ballasted 240 volt fluorescent option is available which offers excellent light output, low energy usage, long lamp life and very low heat generation this changes the luminaire to an IP56 rating.

Suitable for use with a MR16 - 20 watt and is supplied with a high quality European 5000 hour lamp. Lifetime Warranty on Lens Breakage

Accessories: Cable Joint Kit #CJK150, Frosted Lens #DFL, Hex Cell Louvre Adaptor #HCL, LED Array #LED, LED 240v Transformer #T/LED (fits in the luminaire), Fluorescent Canister PVC #FLUCAN.

Power Supply - HUNZA® Buriable IG20 safety isolating transformer (single installation) or multi- installation with IG 40, IG100, or IG200 safety isolating transformers, HUNZA® Wall Mount series WM100 - WM300 Double Insulated Safety Isolating Transformers or H20 for internal installation only.


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Solid Copper: £203.82
Stainless Steel: £303.15

Solid Copper: £216.72
Stainless Steel: £316.05

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