IG1-11 Metal Halide - #IG1-11/MH - IP66

Path Light

IG1-11 Metal Halide #IG1-11/MH - IP66

The Inground 1-11 Metal Halide uses a 20 Watt MR16 Metal Halide lamp with integral, electronic ballast. This luminaire is designed to be installed as a flush-mount recessed uplighter and is ideal for use in concrete or stone materials. It is supplied with a canister for easy mounting and provides 360 degree rotation and up to 45 degree elevation adjustment.

The Metal Halide lamp is a highly energy efficient light source, using considerably less and outputting 2-3 times the light of a halogen lamp.

Luminaire Type
IG1-11/MH, Inground 1-11 Metal Halide 20 Watt

Powder Coated Aluminium body with choice of Solid Bronze or 316 Stainless Steel flange.
Supplied with PVC canister.

12mm (1/2”) flush, clear tempered shatter-resistant glass, with Lifetime Warranty
Suitable for drive over, up to 10 km/h (6 mph) max. Vehicle weight 1500kg (3300lb).

Supplied with MR16 20W Metal Halide Lamp
Lamp Base - GX10
Lamp Life – 12,000 hours
Colour Temperature – 3,000K

Power Supply
Ballast built in: 230/240 volt AC 50Hz
Ballast built in:
120 volt AC 60 Hz (USA/Canada)

Cable Joint Kit (CJK150)
Frosted Lens (/IGFL)
Linear Spread Lens, (/LSL)

Approved To The Following Standards
AS/NZS 60598.2.2

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Bronze: £387.59

316 Stainless: £426.00

Including VAT