Tree Mount Kit - #SSP/T

Path Light

Tree Mount Kit #SSP/T

The Hunza® Tree Mount Kit is mounted in a tree to create moon lighting effects.

The Tree Mount Kit is designed to suit a HUNZA® NPS Spot. A cable connection can be made at the rear of the dome.

The Kit consists of a mounting dome and three 316 stainless steel bolts. The bolts initially suspend the dome 40mm from the trees surface which allows the tree to grow with out causing any harm.

The Hunza® Super Spike is constructed from black UV stable glass filled Nylon 66. There is sufficient space for a cable connection under the dome. It is suitable for use with aluminium, copper and 316 stainless steel luminaries.

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SSP/T: £33.54

SSP/TRS: £33.54

SSP/A: £2.40

Including VAT