MR16 LED 5w Lamp - #LED/LP

Path Light MR16 LED 5w Lamp - #LED/LP

These high output LED lamps fit perfectly into Hunza MR16 luminaires. In a situation where heat is a concern, this light source option has the advantage of an extremely low running temperature with associated power consumption and long-life.

The Tristar MR16WHT-W is a MR16 shaped LED lamp suitable for installation in all Hunza MR16 fixtures, with the exception of the Lawn Lite and Driveway Lite models.

The lamp provides either a Cool White, Warm White, or Blue single colour output. Multiple units can be powered by our  standard low voltage (12volt AC) lighting transformer.

Product code for ordering: LED/LP-## (CW=Cool White, WW=Warm White, BL=Blue)

Product name/description:  MR16 LED 5w Lamp.

NB: Transformer Compatibility
Please note that transformers life may be reduced if it is not sufficiently loaded. This light source operates @ 5 watts so multiple lamps should be connected to one transformer.

They are not compatible with Retro transformers due to the low wattage. Retro transformers require at least 10 watts to perform.

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