Glare Guards - #GG

Path Light

Glare Guards #GG

These serve two purposes.- Firstly to protect the eye from the direct glare or the sparkle effect from the lamp, and secondly to guard against any direct light which may be emitted from the lens of the fitting e.g. when walking past a Spike Spot, upward light could be blinding.

Also ideal for a Wall Down Lite or Pillar Lite in an entrance way where the light may be too harsh, or a Twin Pole Lite in a garden bed so there is no light projected forward toward the observer. In this case the fitting disappears in the darkness as the flowerbed is lit and not the fitting.

Available in UV stable powder coated finish (standard colours bronze, green,matt black, silverand white) or solid copper or 316 stainless steel. The Glare Guard does not change the IP rating of the luminaire when fitted

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Powder Coated: £23.22
Copper: £33.54
Stainless Steel: £39.99

Including VAT